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Engineering Assessments

Our Engineering Assessments and Structural Investigations are performed by licensed Registered Professional Engineers. These individuals specialize in both residential and commercial property assessment services. Our professionals are available to investigate specific problems outside the scope of a normal home inspection and identify construction defects and structural inadequacies, as well as the cause and origin of damage. Our firm offers expert, unbiased assessments required and desired by a variety of clients, which have included attorneys, insurance agencies, the Department of Transportation, private industry and investors.  Engineering assessments are currently not available directly for homeowners, homebuyers, investors, flippers, realtors or contractors.

A Professional Engineer, designated as a PE, has met the rigorous educational, experience and testing requirements in order to achieve the designation. When a residential or commercial property inspection uncovers a structural inadequacy, or when a structural concern is otherwise discovered, an engineering assessment by a qualified PE is necessary.

Our professionals are also experienced in providing consulting and structural investigation services to support litigation and insurance claims with expert witnessing, root cause and scope of damage analyses, and competency/code compliance.

Requirements to Become a Professional Engineer
Education – 4-year accredited degree in an engineering discipline
Experience – 4 or more years of engineering experience under a licensed PE
Examination – Successful completion of two or more 8-hour national licensing exams

Key Considerations of Our Clients

  • Our Professional Engineers serve as your agent and act completely on your behalf; the relationship is a professional one.

  • No two residences or commercial facilities are alike. Each site we visit has unique characteristics which may require the professional engineer to call upon their engineering education; this is a background that non-engineers do not possess.

  • The licensed professional engineer is pledged to protect the public; the health, safety and welfare of the public is paramount. A Professional Engineer is licensed to practice engineering in much the same way as an attorney is licensed to practice law or a doctor is licensed to practice medicine.

  • When having a concern assessed, be sure to ask if your report will be stamped with a licensed professional engineer’s PE seal. This seal is the client’s assurance that your assessment or inspection was conducted by a licensed professional engineer who has met minimum competency requirements established by the profession.

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